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Choose DIRECTV for the ultimate television entertainment experience in Albuquerque, NM

If you were going to sit down and devise the perfect television entertainment experience, it would be an easy-to-use system that featured the very best technology and delivered the pinnacle of excitement in sports, movies, music and more. While you’re at it, you might even create a team of customer service professionals who, because they watch TV themselves, understand how important it is to treat customers with respect. Yes, you could put in countless hours creating such a company, but in the end it would look exactly like DIRECTV. Instead, spend your time enjoying what’s available right now!

Albuquerque, DIRECTV offers unprecedented value. Viewers can receive more than 285 digital channels, Hollywood’s hottest hits and great sports entertainment from around the world. What’s more, state-of-the-art technology delivers all of this to your home in crystal clear audio and video. More than 170 HD channels bring you 1080p clarity. That’s the same picture resolution as Blu-ray.™ With certain pieces of equipment, you can even record a show or two in one room and watch them in another. Everyone ought to be able to enjoy great TV and movies – to their own taste – on their own schedule, and at a price that doesn’t require a second mortgage. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, go with DIRECTV, Albuquerque.  

Each day, more people in New Mexico make the switch to DIRECTV

So what kinds of things are they so excited about? Well, for starters:

NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ – Just because you have a New Mexico address doesn’t mean you’re a Cardinals fan or a Broncos fan. This DIRECTV® exclusive brings you up to 14 games every week. No matter what team you call your favorite, and no matter where they play, you’ll always have the best seat in the house. 

DIRECTV CINEMA™ – This add-on is the ideal package for movie lovers. When you get the HD DVR, you’ll get to see 400 new movies◊ every month, sometimes as many as 28 days before they’re available on either Netflix® or Redbox.® Add to that the 7,000 other great movies and shows available in the DIRECTV library, and you’ll think twice about adding to that DVD collection.

Exceptional technology – Having advanced, intuitive technology makes a tangible difference in how you experience your favorite programming. As just one example, there’s the Home Media Center HD DVR.® You’ll never have another recording conflict with the ability to record up to five shows at once! Save up to 800 hours of standard-definition programming, and watch your recordings in any room of your Albuquerque house. 

Mobile apps These technologies let you enjoy DIRECTV from your iPad,® football from just about any device, and access to customer support and your programming options from your smartphone.

It’s easy to get started with DIRECTV, Albuquerque

After you’ve contacted a customer service representative, in most cases you can have a professional installation technician out to your Albuquerque home as soon as the following day. He or she will affix your DIRECTV satellite dish in a perfect spot, then make certain that all of the interior equipment is correctly installed and working properly. Before placing the remote control in your hand, the tech will give you a brief tutorial and will answer any questions you may have about your new system. 

New Mexico is a beautiful state, its varying landscape earning the nickname Land of Enchantment. Its people are open to new ideas – and there’s no idea better for TV fans than DIRECTV. That same pioneering spirit that makes Albuquerque unique is what’s made DIRECTV the nation’s leading satellite television provider.

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