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When you get DIRECTV, you enjoy unprecedented channel variety

Variety is the spice of life whether you’re talking about food, vacations, hobbies or television. DIRECTV® has the last one covered, offering customers more than 285 digital channels. Included therein are 170+ in beautiful High-Definition, featuring Blu-ray™ quality with 1080p picture and Dolby® Digital surround sound. There are different packages available for different tastes. It’s not just your favorites either, Albuquerque. The amazing variety offered by DIRECTV channels gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons. You may even discover an entirely new hobby in the process.

There’s a DIRECTV package for everyone in Albuquerque, NM

The fun begins when you choose one of DIRECTV’s five channel packages. Consider the ENTERTAINMENT™ package, which features 140+ digital channels with programming for every member of the family. The CHOICE™ package has 150+ channels, while CHOICE XTRA™ boasts a total of more than 205 options.

If you’re the type of person that wants the most for your television, consider stepping up to the CHOICE ULTIMATE™ package. It gives viewers access to 225+ digital channels, including 11 premium movie channels. Finally, to dive in all the way, select the PREMIER™ package, which lets you watch all 285+ digital channels offered on DIRECTV. Becoming a DIRECTV customer in Albuquerque means always having options.

Every package features DIRECTV channels that are designed to offer an effective mix of great programming. Channels include BBC America, Animal Planet,™ Discovery Channel,™ Food Network,℠ ESPN® and so many more. The more channels you opt for, the more variety you’ll receive. Fuel TV,® Golf Channel,® and IFC℠ are just a few examples of the exciting worlds of entertainment that will be opened up to you in Albuquerque.

Say goodbye to DVDs and say hello to DIRECTV 

Entertainment centers crammed with plastic DVD boxes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. DIRECTV gives movie lovers access to an amazing collection of great films without clutter. Consider the myriad ways to access great movies and outstanding original content via DIRECTV:

  • DIRECTV CINEMA™ is the best way to unleash your passion for amazing movies. All you need to access it is the HD DVR, and you can watch 400 new movies every month.◊ Many movies that you’ll have access to won’t be available for 28 days from services like Netflix® or Redbox.® Plus, you also get access to a library of more than 7,000 TV shows and movies.
  • HBO® lets viewers indulge in terrific series like Game of Thrones, Eastbound & Down and True Blood. With HBO,® you get 11 channels – including nine in HD – showing great shows, movies and live specials. You can also take your favorite shows with you thanks to HBO GO,® which lets you watch programming on select cellphones, your iPad® or laptop.
  • SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® offers 13 channels of movies, with 10 in HD. You also get striking original series, championship boxing and independent films on the Sundance Channel.  
  • CINEMAX® delivers a new movie directly to your Albuquerque home every Saturday night. With eight channels – all in HD – there’s a genre for absolutely everyone. Cinemax® on Demand lets you watch any movie you like, whenever you’re in the mood. As with HBO,® Cinemax® also offers mobile access through MAX GO.® Just get the appropriate application for your smartphone, tablet or computer and you’ll be able to catch up on your TV time while you’re on the go.

There’s plenty more where those came from. DIRECTV makes every night a night at the movies.

DIRECTV offers entertainment without borders to every home in New Mexico

Fantastic entertainment comes from all over, and DIRECTV understands that. That’s why, in addition to all the terrific movie and sports channels you can get, there are a host of international channels available to viewers in Albuquerque, as well. New Mexico residents might be interested in EN ESPANOL,™ a package that features great programming in Spanish from all over Latin America. This package includes all the programming that’s featured in AMERICAS PLUS™ (shows from Central and South America), MEXICO PLUS™ and MAS MOVIES™ (Spanish-language films) all wrapped into one.

When you become a DIRECTV customer, the world is yours for the taking. Other great international channels can introduce you to Dom Kino for non-stop Russian movies, or Brazil’s number-one channel, TV Globo. The latest news, dramas and shows from the Philippines are also available. DIRECTV channels offer a world of entertainment at your doorstep. There’s never been a better time to let yourself indulge in everything on the DIRECTV airwaves, Albuquerque.

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